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Coins & Currency

The Best Classic Coins a Beginner Should Collect

A 9 minute video elaborating on what classic U.S. coinage a beginner may wish to collect.
Examples of Cleaned coins

Video which kind of describes what to look for that helps to determine if a coin has been cleaned or not. Explains several things to look for.
PCGS - Coin Grading Instructional Series

A four part instructional series on coin grading. Well done and a good source to help become competent in coin grading standards and methods.
PCGS - Coin Grading 101 - An Introduction to Grading
PCGS - Coin Grading 102 - Qualifiers, Proof Coins, Modern & Difficult to Grade Coins
PCGS - Coin Grading 103 Part 1 No Grades
PCGS - Coin Grading 103 Part 2 Counterfeit Detection