Issue #46  "Combined Arms" Combat operations in the 20th Century.

From the dawn of warfare, the armies of the world have tended to group their soldiers according to special skills.  Sometimes these divisions of service were rigid, as were the early Roman Emipire's Praetorians, legionaires, legionary cavalry and sailors.  To go from one branch to the other was a formal promotion or demotion.  A similar rigidity existed in the dark ages between cavalry and infantry.  At other times the lines tended to blur, such as the byzantine cataphract who fought both mounted and dismounted.

This issue and its simulation crosses skills in several scenarios in relation to the topic.  The game is complete and unpunched.  The magazine is in Near Mint condition with white pages and clear dark text.  The instructions and advertisements have some tanning.  The issue and game come in their original mailing envelope.

Strategy & Tactics #46 Sept 1974 - Combined Arms Near Mint Complete UnPunched Game

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