Since the first years of the Twentieth Century, the rising young powers of the United States and Japan had glared at each other across the Pacific.  Increasing tensions after the First World War, led to both the Americans and Japanese considering a Pacific War.  Both parties though, quite rightly, that a Pacific War would be primarily a naval war, with armies merely garrisoning and occupying naval bases and vital areas.  Such a war was envisioned in a series of color coded American war plans formulated through the early part of the century.  With the onslaught of World War II such a Pacific war commenced and continued until in November of 1943, the first and second naval battle of Guadalcanal ensued.

This issue and its simulation crosses skills in several scenarios in relation to the topic.  The game is complete and unpunched.  The magazine is in Near Mint condition with white pages and clear dark text.  The instructions and advertisements have some tanning.  The issue and game come in their original mailing envelope.

Strategy & Tactics #38 May 1973 - 'CA' WWII Pacific Navel Warfare Near Mint Complete UnPunched Game

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