• Kirk Alyn The Original Superman Blue Ball Point Pen Signature 1956

8" x 10" black and white action portrait of Alyn as Superman, the man of steel Signed "Best Wishes 'Superman' Kirk Alyn"

Alyn played Superman for the first live-action Superman movie serial, released in 1948. The serial consisted of 15 episodes which recounted Superman’s arrival on Earth, getting a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet newspaper, and meeting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. The main plot consisted of Superman’s battle against the arch criminal the Spider Lady.
Two years later, Atom Man vs. Superman was released, featuring Lyle Talbot as Superman’s arch-villain Lex Luthor. This serial also included a sequence involving an eerie alternate dimension, not unlike the Phantom Zone, which would not appear in Superman comics for another 11 years.
After playing Superman, he suffered from typecasting problems. Apart from featuring in some similar comic book-type serials, he had few roles in television series and movies, some even unaccredited, until he retired.
Alyn was reportedly offered the part of Superman for the television version in 1951, but refused it resulting in Steve Reeves portraying the man of steel.

Kirk Alyn The Original Superman Blue Ball Point Pen Signature 1956

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