Hi Folks,

First of all I would like to thank you for stopping by the site.

RealOldStuff has been around since 1956 in one form or another.  Back then we were a mail order house providing U.S. coins to collectors.  We were members of local coin clubs, most of which my father had belonged to for many years.  Then, in the mid 60's the family opened its first coin store in a little town in upstate New York.  We were open evenings and weekends (dad still had to put food on the table).  As I and my brother got older and more involved in collecting beyond the penny boards we had as kids we expanded into stamps and autographs (my brothers passion).  

As the years went by, the store was closed, another was opened  in a larger town and was around for some 20 years.  While my brother and I had gone on to other things, our collecting passion never waned.  My father continued collecting until his passing in 1992.

The vast accumulation of different things that the family had collected over the years, my brothers autographs and stamps, my coins, comics and baseball cards, my dads various collections and even my mothers collections of music boxes, movie posters (yes, she collected them starting in the 70's). and bits and pieces of other items were becoming cumbersome and expensive to store in local bank vaults.   After some discussion long distance it was decided that we needed to "thin the herd" so to speak.

For those of you that remember the term "bulletin board", as a software engineer I put up the very first "Real Old Stuff" list as a basic "here is what I have to sell, please call me".  Soon, the phone was ringing off the wall. (Yep, still had it on the wall in those days).  Unfortunately most of the calls weren't about purchasing any of the items I was offering, but requests for "What's this worth" and "will you buy this from me".

Time marches on and realoldstuff soon had a prestigious list of clients want lists and so the "Bulletin Board" went away in favor of the much more profitable "Search for this guy, Locate this item, pick it up cheap and Sell it to the guy" business model.  

Here we were around 10 years ago,  spending lots of time finding stamps and coins for others and getting older.  My brother had moved far away. my wife and kids were tired of me on the road and so it was once again time to change direction.

Not just another store,  no brick and mortar this time, but on on-line, new, sleek and less stressful.  We still catered primarily to our clientele list of 300 or so high visibility collectors but over time more and more new people found us on the web and kept coming back for what we have to offer.

As we only have myself, my two sons and my brother taking care of different collecting areas we just don't have time to keep listing all the great collectibles we have available. ( drop us an email if you want something,  chances we either have it or we can get it.).  We try to change the basics as much as possible, but considering the amount of different areas and time involved, it is usually better to just scratch the surface and keep our "Tell me what you wan" business plan.

All of us will be contributing to the blog.  I have several collecting applications I have designed over the years that with a bit of tweaking for desktop, android and/or iphone will be put up for you to download and use.  Most will be freebies, some may need a cup of coffee in return.  My brother and my oldest son will be doing most of t he blogging on here as they have more time.  My youngest is on the road most of the time doing what I did for 30+ years so his contributions may be less.  Personally,  I have a bit more free time now so hopefully I can get some stuff here of interest instead of this dribble.

Stop by often, let us know if you like the drift of the blog, or provide your insight.  We are more than willing to accept possible additions to the blog, i.e. Stories, information, lists, links,etc.  anything that is of interest to any part of the collecting community.  One point to mention.  Keep it clean.  Keep it viable, keep it correct.