• Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Blue Sharpie Signature 1973

8" x 10" black and white action portrait of Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody Signed in Blue Sharpie  "All the best from your pals Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob Smith'"

Bob Smith created Howdy Doody during his days as a radio announcer on WNBC. At that time, Howdy Doody was only a voice Smith performed on the radio. When Smith made an appearance on NBC's television program Puppet Playhouse in 1947, the reception for the character was great enough to begin a demand for the evolving media called television. Frank Paris, a puppeteer whose puppets appeared on the program, was asked to create a Howdy Doody puppet.
As the shows host, Smith was dubbed "Buffalo Bob" early in the show's run. At first the set was designed as a circus tent, but soon gave way to a western town. As part ot the town, Smith wore cowboy garb, as did the puppet. Originally on radio, Smith derived the name of the puppet from the American expression "howdy doody"/"howdy do," a commonplace corruption of the phrase "How do you do?" used in the western and southwestern United States at the time.

Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob Blue Sharpie Signature 1973

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