• Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger Black Sharpie Signature 1975

8" x 10" black and white portrait of of Clayton More as "The Lone Ranger" Inscribed in black Sharpie  "To Angelo Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger"
The Lone Ranger was originally a successful Radio program co-created and produced by George Trendle.  In 1949 Trendle decided to bring the program to the evolving television programming industry. Moore landed the title role. With the "March of the Swiss Soldiers" finale from Rossini's William Tell overture as their theme music, Moore and co-star Jay Silverheels made history as the stars of the first Western written specifically for television.
The series' plot involved the exploits of a mysterious former Texas Ranger, the sole survivor of a six-Ranger posse ambushed by a gang of outlaws, who roamed the West with his Indian companion Tonto to battle evil and help the downtrodden.  The series soon became the highest-rated program to that point on the fledgling ABC network and its first true hit. It earned an Emmy Award nomination in 1950.

Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger Black Sharpie Signature 1975

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