About US

We begin doing business in the coin collecting community in 1972 and have over the years expanded our horizons to help stamp collectors build their collections as well as aiding those interested in comic collecting, ephemera, first edition books, magazines, movie posters and lobby cards, movie, TV,literary,historical and sports star autographs, toys and other collectible areas.

The normal collector can not afford and in most cases are not interested in the unrealistically high valued collectables that appear in today's markets, both on-line and in brick and mortar.

Unlike these sites, Realoldstuff offers all types of collectables in a variety of categories and conditions that can be obtained for your prized collection at affordable prices.

We offer not only rare items, but also more common items you may be interested in, or need to complete your collection.  Most sites do not offer more common items since they are only interested in high dollar items and profits.  We, on the other hand cater to the true collector offering a wide variety of pieces in a range of conditions.

We do not just provide items that are popularly collected, but also seek out and offer items in areas of interest that that are not necessarily extensively collected.

We continually add new and different items to our present available categories.  We add additional items and categories as we come across more exciting, collectible or unique offerings.  We don't try to offer everything available, just those items in collectible conditions in good condition, that may be of interest for collect-ability, rarity or curiosity.